We offer:

Complete accounting and tax service on a subscription base

  • Keeping of оn-going accounting;
  • Preparation of annual financial report;
  • Preparation of annual tax return;
  • Preparation of annual report for the National statistical institute;
  • Monthly accountings of social insurances and taxes, preparation of payrolls and pay slips for the employees, provision of information to the Personal register;
  • Follow up of the legislation and the tax deadlines;
  • Online banking;
  • Collection of documents from the client's office;
  • Preparation of any kind of accounting information, related to the company activities;
  • Consultation;
  • Short time for questions and cases response.
  • Regular provision of information on the current financial state of your company;


Annual one-off accounting servicing

The annual one-off accounting servicing is oriented towards relatively small companies in the service sector, not VAT registered, with irregular number of invoices per month, ranging from 1 to 5, with one bank account and one cash register. For such companies we may perform the accounting on an annual basis, to prepare the Annual financial report and Annual tax return.


Services related to the social insurance and management of the human resources - payroll services

The salaries and social insurance accounting is a specific activity, not particularly related to the main company activity, but an integral part of its existence. More and more companies lately choose to commission this activity to professionals with the relevant knowledge and skills. Outsourcing is the modern way of working. It saves time, money and unnecessary troubles.


Services for natural persons

These services are intended for all persons who carry out an independent economic activity – pay or receive rental income; operate as a sole trader or а practitioners of a liberal profession; work on a patent; are in for their VAT registration; need a certification of their social insurance document or preparation of documents for retirement; need someone to prepare payment orders for social insurance contribution and to submit information to the Personal register; need someone to represent them before the authorities.